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Some great days with recent anglers.

Client Date Client Comment
John S Barr 8/8/2018 I have fished the Yampa River with Paul for many years, and have had so many unbelievable experiences I cannot remember all of them. Paul is an accomplished fly fisher, and as fine a person and guide as I have fished with . He knows the river intimately and no matter the conditions he has an answer and will put together a plan that will maximize what the river has to offer on that day. I always finish a day on the water with Paul with a smile on my face.
Joe and Cindy Riggs 8/6/2018 My wife and I have been taking lessons from Paul for 17 years. We’ve gone from complete beginners to intermediate fisher people. And hope springs eternal for further advancement!! Through the years, we developed some skills, but more importantly, enjoyed countless great hours together in many incredible environments. All the while, our relationship with Paul crew to a point where he’s far more that a guide, he’s a wonderful friend. Paul’s patience is legendary, evidenced by all the years we have spend together. Others would have fired us long ago! A tip: Force Paul to demonstrate, which he does grudgingly. His advice is fantastic; his demonstrations even better!
Stacey Fishell Evans 8/10/2018 Paul Russell is my friend and guide on the Yampa River. I don’t go fishing very often, maybe some years only once. But, I can brag with anyone about the fish I have caught on the Yampa, and I look forward to fishing with Paul every time! My best fish was a 24inch rainbow we caught on a private ranch that only Paul gets to fish. My best day fishing was the time Paul floated us down the Yampa and I out fished by husband like 5 to 1! I remember setting the hook and telling my husband “just like that!” when he asked Paul what I was doing to catch all those fish. Paul is always so calm and interesting to talk to; on the water it is not just about fishing. We catch up with family and I learn about the history of Steamboat. My husband is a fanatic about fly fishing, so he can go up and down the bank and wade all over while Paul and I have a nice time nymphing a run. One rule Paul has, don’t say “camera” until the fish is in the net!
Chris Agnew 8/11/2018 I have had the pleasure of fishing with Paul Russell several times over the last few years. He is an exceptional guide that has always provided a fantastic day on the water. I learn something new every time out with Paul. He is an excellent teacher and I give him credit for vastly improving my Fly Fishing skills. If you are looking for a 5 star guide, Paul is your man!
Greg Evans 8/11/2018 Paul has been my one and only guide on the Yampa for the last ten years and what great adventures we’ve seen! I’ve seen him snowmobile out an elderly man with kidney stones to the ambulance, and I have fished dries with Paul while the ridge above was dotted with elk. And the fish! I remember two 24 inchers in one day in March, a beautiful 23” cuttbow on a hopper in October, Pike, and sippers, fish on streamers and fish in the dead of winter on the “secret fly.” With a degree in Biology and years experience on the Yampa, Paul is the consummate guide. He is friendly, calm, optimistic, and always a gentleman. I tend to get hot headed at times and suffer from buck fever often, but a day on the river with Paul always leaves me feeling confident and smarter than the fish. I can’t say that about other days and other guides. My friends and family say the same things; Paul understands it’s your precious vacation time out there and he works with your skill level to have fun and catch fish. I remember one April all the males of our family hired Paul. The Elk River was chocolate soup and the Yampa in town not much better. Everyone caught fish that day in less than ideal conditions on public water, and not a one of those fish would have been hooked without Paul’s knowledge and encouragement. In Steamboat, he is the one and only for a reason.